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Pacific Station, Encinitas, CA

Thoughtful, Sustainable Development

RhodesMoore is focused on sustainable projects with untapped potential for development in both urban and rural settings.  With extensive experience in concept development and management, architectural and community design, technical feasibility and community consensus building we bring a comprehensive approach and well-honed execution capabilities to potential development and redevelopment projects.

We understand and embrace land entitlement, community planning and implementation and much of our focus over the last fifteen years has been the complex elements of property development.  Our projects have ranged from small infill projects to large multi-year community developments that included simple residential housing, complex mixed use urban infill and Transit Oriented Projects. Our projects have included a broad spectrum of elements including single family and multi-family housing, residential care facilities, hotels/hospitality, retail, restaurant, office, farm/agriculture, public spaces, restored natural areas, and more.

We acquire properties outright, work in partnership with existing landowners and investors or work as consultants to support projects. We work towards a collaborative environment where we can create and implement a comprehensive plan for a project in the context of the various demands and constraints of the site, the community, the economics and the uses that will be well received by the community and the users.

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